Backyard Ice Rinks are fun!

Fill Up Your Ice Rink

Almost time to skate! - Not Really :(

It's time to fill the rink.

It will take you a good 8 hours or so to fill your rink. That's if it's very flat. On a very flat rink you should aim to get the water at least 3 inches deep at the shallowest point. Be mindful of little rises in the ground in the middle of your rink. If you only get 1 1/2 inches of water over these spots you'll have holes in your ice at these spots throughout the season. There are some things you can do to help with shallow spots, but nothing works better than just getting the rink 3 inches deep everywhere.

Honestly, it's tempting to take the hose out early and let it freeze, but err on the side of too deep if at all. Too deep will only mean it takes a little longer for the water to completely freeze.  Too shallow means that you'll be battling the ice in the shallow spots all winter long.

Now, pray for cold!

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Backyard Ice Rinks are cool!